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Contact: Coos Wessels
Telephone: +31 299 47 63 03
e-mail address:
Visiting address: Amperestraat 11L, 1446 TP Purmerend, the Netherlands
Technology: Municipal waste water treatment, Mechanical seperation technology

BWA is able to provide an appropriate solution for many environmental issues with both proven and innovative technology . Waste recycling and beneficial use of low-grade energy are key to this offering. Globally active in the municipal and industrial markets. Focus is primarily on the treatment of wastewater, drinking and process water, biosolids, sludge and other liquid or gas flows. Sectors: water quality, food, breweries, slaughterhouses and meat processing, tanneries, textile and fermentation.


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Projects in which BWA takes part

Galicos research Project.jpg
Galicos research
by Brightwork 31 October 2012 08:54:24
Galicos pilot at Noordbergum (Vitens)
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