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Contact: S. Keuning
Telephone: +31 (0)50 57 184 55
e-mail address:
Visiting address: Rozenburglaan 13, 9727 DL Groningen
Technology: Industrial Waste Water Treatment., Consultancy & Engineering, Research, Disinfection, Various

Making the world cleaner and more sustainable using the power of nature, that is the mission consultants and experts of Bioclear are dedicated to. We create solutions that are efficient, fast, use less energy, reduce waste and are cost effective. Our experts in environmental technology, process technology, microbiology, ecology and chemistry, work on a variety of projects within three specialized teams: Soil & Water, Biobased Production and Safety & Process control. Together with our own research and labservice facility we work on solutions for soil and water contamination, production of green chemicals or bio- energy from waste streams and preventing biocorrosion and biofouling.


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Projects in which Bioclear takes part