CADoS - Cellulose recovery and reuse

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Project: CADoS - Cellulose recovery and reuse
CADoS - Cellulose recovery and reuse Project.jpg
Status : running
Companies(s): Brightwork, Attero, waterschap Noorderzijlvest, Wetterskip Fryslan, CEW, RUG
Technology: finescreening, pretreatment, Sludge treatment
Locations: WwTW Ulrum
Description: Cellulose assisted dewatering of sludge at municipal waste water treatment works

CADoS aims at reusing cellulose from toilet paper by separating the cellulose fibers from raw municipal waste water using a dedicated finescreening process. The cellulose fibers are then used to assist the dewatering of fresh biological waste activated sludge. Major economic and technological advantages are achieved in both the water and sludge handling at the waste water treatment works.

Advantages are ranging from lower energy and chemicals consumption, reduced sludge volumes, enhanced phosphorus uptake up to higher biogas production. Opportunities for further valorisation of the mixed fibers and waste activated sludge are also within reach.

For further information, please refer to Website CADoS

Dit project wordt mede gefinancierd door het samenwerkingsverband Noord-Nederland, Koers Noord, de Provincie Groningen, provinsje Fryslan en de Provincie Drenthe