Centre of Expertise Water Technology

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Centre of Expertise Water Technology company.jpg
Website: http://www.cew-leeuwarden.nl
Contact: Gerard Adema
Telephone: +31 58 210 09 19
e-mail address: info@cew-leeuwarden.nl
Visiting address: Agora 4, 8934 CJ Leeuwarden, the Netherlands
Technology: Research; Various

CEW is a unique collaboration between education- and research institutes, governments and enterprises with the aim to enhance knowledge of today’s water technology. It is our ambition to deliver social and economic value. We deliver new solutions, business and an increasing number of well-educated top talent following the quantitatively and qualitatively human capital demand of employers in the water sector. Students, professors and other professionals conduct research together with, or on behalf of companies, in advanced laboratories, application centres and at various pilot & demo sites. By conducting applied research and product development we accelerate innovation.


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Projects in which Centre of Expertise Water Technology takes part