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The Water Alliance is based at the WaterCampus Leeuwarden, the Netherlands. The WaterCampus is an innovative ecosystem that facilitates the innovation chain: from idea to research & development (including specialized laboratories, an application centre and various demo-sites) to launching customers and ultimately, to tangible business with companies worldwide. The hardest part within this process is often the step from laboratory-testing to implementation with launching-customers. Therefore, the Water Alliance can put entrepreneurs in contact with demosites. Demosites are facilities at which researchers and entrepreneurs can test and demonstrate their innovative technologies on a large scale. The demosites are situated near, or on the premises of organisations active within the water technology industry. The demosites cover a wide range of water technologies, including wastewater treatment and desalination technologies. In addition to the demosites, the Water Application Centre provides entrepreneurs with a wide range of small-scale testing facilities and laboratories. Below you will find an overview of the types of technologies which can be tested and at which demosite.

Potable water technologies

Vitens Noardburgum This demosite allows entrepreneurs to test and demonstrate their water treatment technologies with different types of water. The demosite is especially suitable for technologies aiming at the sustainable supply of drinking water. In addition to the demosite, entrepreneurs can also make use of the drinking water laboratory in Leeuwarden.

Municipal waste water treatment technologies

Wetterskip Fryslân Entrepreneurs who are developing technologies for the sustainable, cost-efficient and/or environmental friendly treatment of water can test and demonstrate their technology at the Wetterskip demosite. This demosite has all facilities to test and demonstrate the technology on a large scale under practical conditions and on a wide range of water types, including waste water, sludge and effluent.

Hospital waste water treatment technologies

Antonius Hospital Entrepreneurs who are working on technologies to eliminate medicines and medicine residues from waste water can test and demonstrate their technology at the demosite at the Antonius Hospital. The water at the demosite is supplied by the hospital.

Desalination technologies

Wetsalt The Wetsalt demosite offers testing facilities for technologies for the sustainable desalination of sea water, ground water and wastewater, as well as technologies to generate energy from water. Situated at the Afsluitdijk (Enclosure Dam), the Wetsalt demosite has access to both sea water and fresh water. Additionally, the demosite has access to condensate, brine and canal water from the nearby canals.

Sensor technologies

Sentec The Sentec demosite offers a great variety of water types and cutting-edge laboratory facilities to entrepreneurs who are developing sensors and data-measuring equipment.


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