Demosite Antonius Hospital - Sneek

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Location: Demosite Antonius Hospital - Sneek
Demosite Antonius Hospital - Sneek Location.jpg
Address: Bolswarderbaan 1, 8601 ZK Sneek

The demonstration site at the Antonius Hospital in Sneek is currently being adapted for the developent of new purification technologies for the treatment of wastewater from hospitals at the source. The testing site has been established by Wetsus, in collaboration with the water technology firm Desah from Sneek, the Antonius Hospital and the municipality of South-West Friesland. Wastewater from hospitals receive special attention due to the presence of residues of medical drugs and antibiotic-resistent bacteria, which are not always removed by conventional treatment methods.

Heleen Sombekke from Wetsus: "The initial projects will be aimed at the disinfection of hospital wastewater; in particular the removal of antibiotic-resistant bacteria that can be present in the urine and faeces of patients receiving antibiotics and may end up in the hospital wastewater. Besides Wetsus, several companies like Biotrack, Pure Green and Water Waves will also conduct research into this area. This will especially involve the development of new and unique break-through technologies, as opposed to existing technologies."

Please watch the movie about the opening of the demosite here:

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