Demosite Wetsalt - Harlingen

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Location: Demosite Wetsalt - Harlingen
Demosite Wetsalt - Harlingen Location.jpg
Address: Harlingen, Nederland

Demosite Wetsalt - Harlingen

The Wetsalt demo site, an initiative by Wetsus and Frisia Zout, is an interesting developement for businesses that want to test out and demonstrate a sustainable technology in the area of (sea)water desalination, the generation of electricity through the mixing of freshwater and saltwater (Blue Energy) and other innovative technologies for generating energy from water. Project manager Heleen Sombekke from Wetsus: "There is room for four businesses. At all of the locations there are four water types available: seawater, condensate, purge and canal water from the nearby canals." One of the companies making use of Wetsalt is redstack from Sneek. By mixing freshwater from the Rijn and Maas rivers with seawater, the Frisian company believes enough energy can be generated to supply 4 million Dutch households with electricity. In Harlingen, Redstack is now investigating the option of constructing a Blue Energy plant in the Afsluitdijk.


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