Demosite Wetterskip Fryslan

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Location: Demosite Wetterskip Fryslan
Demosite Wetterskip Fryslan Location.jpg
Address: Leeuwarden, Greunsweg 78

The Demo site at the wastewater treatment installation in Leeuwarden is being used by the local water authority and other companies in the region. Here they research and test new techniques for the treatment of wastewater. The Friesland Water Authority extended pipelines from various sections of the treatment plant for the sake of the demo site. Wastewater, sludge and effluent (purified water) will be directly available in the proximity of the demo site, allowing research equipment to easily and conveniently be connected to the pipeline. "The demo site serves as an ideal venue for testing a newly developed technique under practical conditions, affording promt insight into the potential of the technique", says Yede van der Kooij from the Friesland Water Authority.

Examples of research studies include post-treatment of algae and the generation of extra energy from sludge. The companies Brightwork from Sneek and BWA from Purmerend have conducted research here for developing new pre-treatment methods. The company Sustec recently concluded a study of a new sludge treatment technology, involving the thermal hydrolysis of sludge in combination with fermentation at a high temperature. The subsequent fermentation step in process will as a result produce more biogas and the sludge can also be dewatered more efficiently. This technology will result in significant savings on processing costs for the treatment of sludge (these now amount to circa 10% of Friesland Water Authoity's annual operating budget ed.) Contacts have already been initiated with a swiss firm for research into wastewater treatment.

De demosite bij de Riool water zuivering Installatie Leeuwarden


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projects at this location

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Brightwork initiated the development of a new waste water treatment scheme BioTRAP, based upon biofilm technology. Advantages of the technology are the compactness and a reduction of operational costs.
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Test at demo
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