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Flovac company.jpg
Website: http://www.flovac.nl/
Telephone: +31 478 51 62 18
e-mail address: info@flovac.nl
Visiting address: de Hulst 7, 5807 EW Venray, The Netherlands

Flovac The Netherlands (Gooren BV), with its main office in Venray, operates in several countries around the world such as Canada, Dubai, Bahrein, France, Portugal, Greece and many more. Flovac The Netherlands guides its clients through the work field of vacuum sewerage systems, offering them support, all necessary drawings & documentation, products and implementation, from the start to the finish of the project. Additionally, Flovac The Netherlands is working on the R&D of the Flovac products, with for example wireless monitoring of vacuum sewerage systems (Flovac systems and competitor systems), expanding our core business with new technologies providing the best service to our customers worldwide.

Engineering excellence Our global engineering team understands the importance of local and project specific issues, whether it’s droughts or floods, deserts, cyclones or earthquakes, remoteness, operational issues or environmental issues. Flovac engineers helped developed standards in a number of regions including Australia, Asia, the Middle East and Europe.

Operational Expertise Members of the Global Operations Group have over 40 years’ experience with vacuum systems and have upgraded and repaired a number of other system supplier’s projects. Our group has maintained a number of systems and holds regular training for operators around the world.


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Projects in which Flovac takes part