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Contact: Tinus Vos
Telephone: +31 522 482 090
e-mail address:
Visiting address: Buitenhuizerweg 9a, 7961 LX Ruinerwold, the Netherlands
Technology: Industrial waste water treatment, Municipal waste water treatment, Process water treatment, Potable water treatment, Consultancy & Engineering, Disinfection, Decentralized waste water treatment, Various

We provide our clients with natural and sustainable water treatment solutions. This includes water purification, reuse and drinking water systems. We are keen to supply affordable, sustainable and high quality products worldwide.

An often-used example of affordable wastewater purification option is constructed wetlands. This system mimics working of the natural wetlands using macrophysics, such as water hyacinth, duckweed, cattail, bulrush, reed and others depending on the region.

We have over 20 years of experience and are specialized in turnkey project solutions. This includes engineering, construction and maintenance of constructed wetlands and systems for compact treatment, water reuse and drinking water. We offer our worldwide clients the best possible solution with our motivated team of experts in the field of natural water treatment.

We have built over 2000 systems for clients such as private persons, governments, water managers, industry and the leisure industry.

Global Wetlands is the new name of Brinkvos water BV



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Projects in which Global Wetlands takes part