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H2O-job company.jpg
Website: http://www.h2o-job.nl
Contact: Jaap Feil
Telephone: 070-3319949
e-mail address: info@h2o-job.nl
Visiting address: International Water House, Bezuidenhoutseweg 2, 2594 AV Den Haag, The Netherlands
Technology: Various

H2O-job is a specialized recruitment agency within the water sector. We know the market and with our vast experience and knowledge we can support you with all recruitment issues. Are you looking for a junior or senior, a hydrologist, an architectural or process engineer? H2O-job will find them for you.

We are good at solving human resource issues within the water sector. We offer customized solutions from recruitment for specific jobs to the development and execution of the National Water Traineeship.


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Projects in which H2O-job takes part