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Is there a manual?

Certainly. You can read the manual at: Help:How-to or you can download this pdf document: Manual

What is a wiki?

Wiki means fast in Hawaiians. It is a method to collaborate fast with groups of people on exchanging knowledge. One of the best known wikis is Wikipedia. In ten years time it has become the largest encyclopedia in the world. With the collaboration of many different people around the world Wikipedia became a big collection of information. Many people use Wikipedia as their first resource for finding information about a subject.

Every user on the wiki can edit almost every page. People collaborate in writing together on the wiki pages. If you see a mistake in the page, you do not have to e-mail the webmaster, but you can correct this mistake by yourself. This makes the wiki flexible and fast.

What happens on the wiki, stays on the wiki. A wiki keeps a copy of every edit in the history. This way you can track the course of how a page was shaped. You can also see who is abusing. It is not possible to delete information from a wiki. This makes this it very safe system.

The Water Wiki is based on People who know their way around at wikipedia will also feel at home at the Water Wiki.

A short video which explains quick the advantage of a wiki -> Wikis in Plain English - Common Craft

What is the difference between Wikipedia and the Water Wiki?

"Why do we not use Wikipedia for collecting information?" Some people are thinking. Because Wikipedia is a encyclopedia. The Water Wiki is a collection of specialized information about projects, technologies, locations and the members of the Water Alliance used for the business. The Water Wiki is a gathering of specialized information.

Wikipedia and the Water Wiki both use the same software for the wiki. The difference is that the Water Wiki is using an extra layer of code for managing and storing the data. This makes it possible to manage the edit and insert the information on the Water Wiki with forms. This makes it easier for everybody to manage the information on this wiki.

Why a Water Wiki?

Companies specialize more. Therefore collaborate is more important than ever.

How is the information connected?

On the Water Wiki the information is divided in four main categories.

Why can't I edit a page

You can only edit a page if you have a login account. To get a login account you need to be a member of the Water Alliance. Contact the Water Alliance to join and get an account.

Can I get a training?

Yes, please contact Nynke Kramer for more information.