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How do you find information on this Wiki?


The search window is located in the sidebar on the left. A search will bring you to the search page. On the search page you can finetune the search with the advanced tab if the search engine does not generate any results. You can modify the keyword or try other keywords.


If you know what kind of information you are looking for, you can go straight to the category of your choice. The wiki will show a list of all pages in alphabetical order, which are member of that category. For instance, if you are looking for a company, you can go to the category called companies.

The four main categories on the wiki are:

An overview of the categories present in the wiki -> special:categories

Example: If you want to see a list of all members of the Water Alliance, You may click on Category:Companies

All pages

You can also take a look at the overview with all pages available. -> special:allpages

How do you make a new page?

Only registered users can insert new pages on this wiki.

With a form

On this wiki you can use forms to create new pages. For the main categories you can choose the correct form.

The first step of the form will ask for a page name: please choose a unique name for this page. The second step will be the information forms: you may submit some information about the page. When you type words in certain forms, the wiki will present you with possible choices. You can select one of those choices or you can choose your own text.

Example: When you type in the expression This is a test project in the companies field, the wiki will show the companies which starts with the letter you type. When you type B the wiki will show you Brightwork and BWA.

Red link

The red link means there is no page behind that link. With a click the wiki will show you a form to create this page.

How do you edit a page

If you have an account on this wiki you can edit the existing pages.

The purpose of editing existing pages is to keep information up-to-date or correct mistakes. If you have the authority to edit a page, you will see the <edit> in the uppercorner of the content field. By clicking this edit button the wiki will bring you to the edit form. For every category a customized form is available.

After editing you need to press the save buttonHelp button save.gif in order to save your edits.


For testing purposes each main category has a dedicated test page. In this test page you can test/play with the function. Please remember: in these four test pages you can not damage the wiki.

There is also a generic test page in which users are able to "play around" -> sandbox

Help. I forgot my password

When you forget you password. The wiki can generated a new and random password. You can't get your old password back because the wiki stores the passwords encrypted. To get a new password you can use the link on the login page. The link wil bring you to the reset password field.

User forgot password wiki 1-2.png
User forgot password wiki 2-2.png


For other questions you can open this pdf document Manual or send an email to our helpdesk officer Hans Wouters at