High Voltage Water

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High Voltage Water company.jpg
Website: http://www.highvoltagewater.com
Contact: Ross Gordon
Telephone: +31 6 284 76 183
e-mail address: rg@highvoltagewater.com
Visiting address: Agora 4, 8934 CJ Leeuwarden, The Netherlands
Technology: Industrial waste water treatment, Municipal waste water treatment, Process water treatment, Potable water treatment, Research

High Voltage Water develops innovative electrospray technology for multi effect distillation (MED) systems. This has the potential to significantly reduce energy use and capital expenditure in municipal and industrial desalination facilities. In doing so, it could significantly impact water use around the world and improve access to fresh water where it is most needed. Our research and development base is situated in Leeuwarden, in the North of the Netherlands.


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Projects in which High Voltage Water takes part