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Holland Water company.jpg
Website: http://www.hollandwater.com
Contact: Peter van der Linde
Telephone: +31 343 47 50 90
e-mail address: info@hollandwater.com
Visiting address: Nijendal 52, 3972 KC Driebergen, The Netherlands
Technology: Potable water treatment Desinfection

Holland Water has developed the Bifipro® system, a patented and certified solution addressing the problem of pervasive biofilm in drinking water and process water, resulting in effectively removing all harmful bacteria including Legionella. The Bifipro® is based on the principle of copper silver ionisation (CSI) which is particularly suitable for buildings with complex water supply networks and many taps, such as hotels, hospitals, public & private care institutions and recreational parks & camping sites. The Bifipro® solution is also ideal for industrial applications such as process water and wet cooling towers.

A new innovation of Holland Water, the Silco® sensor, is able to measure real-time and online the actual concentrations of copper and silver ions in water. This technology will be key in the management of cooling towers and other recirculating applications, avoiding the use of expensive and harmful chemicals, in the end leading to a sustainable and cost effective solution.


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