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HydrOWashR company.jpg
Contact: Jan Melein
Telephone: +31 6 52 15 36 70
e-mail address: jan@hydrowashr.nl
Visiting address: Margrietstraat 12, 8931 DX Leeuwarden, The Netherlands
Technology: Various

A sustainable way of hand washing. How it works: the user puts his hands in the HydrOWashR. After 15 seconds, the hands are clean, dry, warm and soft. Thanks to sensors, the process is completely touch free. The washing process works with microscopic droplets of water that are fired into a rapid flow of air on the skin. Thereafter, the hands are dried in the same air flow. The HydrOWashR is suitable for gas stations, restaurants, airports and office buildings.


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Projects in which HydrOWashR takes part