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I-Real company.jpg
Website: http://www.i-real.nl
Contact: Bouke Siebenga
Telephone: +31 314 36 66 00
e-mail address: info@i-real.nl
Visiting address: Stationsweg 30, 7061 CT Terborg, The Netherlands
Technology: Sensor & ICT technology

Specializing in the development and implementation of webbased software and drivers for various applications in the (semi) public and private market. I-Real provides hardware, software and additional services in the field of open telemetry, process automation, maintenance management as well as administrative and data processing processes within the water sector. The applications, which are for managing and monitoring surface water, groundwater, wastewater and drinking water translate the data into management and control information. With such information, business processes can be improved, simplified and deliver cost savings.


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Projects in which I-Real takes part