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Website: or
Contact: Grietje zijlstra
Telephone: +31 58 284 75 40
e-mail address:
Visiting address: Orionweg 28, 8938 AH Leeuwarden, The Netherlands
Technology: Industrial waste water treatment, Process water treatment, Consultancy & engineering

LievenseCSO, previously known as CSO-Milfac, specializes in process optimization in order to save ‘clean’ water during the production process, which will reduce product loss and pollution in wastewater. LievenseCSO also examines wastewater in order to determine its pollution levels for Sewage charge and to make sure that the requirements, as set in Environmental Licenses, are met. In addition, LievenseCSO provides advice concerning the aforementioned activities such as permit applications on environmental ambit, tax return on sewage charge, research proposals and T-correction. Our clients include governments, businesses and non-profit organizations.


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Projects in which LievenseCSO Noord takes part