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Contact: Theo Nijenhuis
Telephone: +31 315 65 98 00
e-mail address:
Visiting address: Anholtseweg 18, 7091 HA Dinxperlo, The Netherlands
Technology: Industrial waste water treatment, Municipal waste water treatment, Process water treatment, Potable water treatment, Mechanical separation technology, Various

Develops and manufactures in the Netherlands woven wire mesh, wire mesh in any grade stainless steel, also special alloys like Duplex, Haynes, Inconel, etc. for filtering water and any other liquid. Filter elements from 25 mm down to 1 micrometer opening in stainless steel wire mesh. Custom made wire mesh and filter elements, both small and large series. Active in national and international markets.

Applications: mud cleaning, industrial water cleaning, potable water cleaning, sieves and filters in any industry, cacao presses, fencing, paper moulds, oil, gas, screen printing, RFI shielding and many more.


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