Oosterhof Holman Milieutechniek

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Oosterhof Holman Milieutechniek company.jpg
Website: http://www.oosterhofholman.nl
Contact: Theo Noordstrand
Telephone: +31 594 28 01 23
e-mail address: info@oosterhofholman.nl
Visiting address: Kievitsweg 13, 9843 HA Grijpskerk, The Netherlands
Technology: Process water treatment, Various

Designing treatment plants and extraction systems for groundwater and soil air. In addition, remediation of sediments and consultancy as well as implementation of, amongst other applications co-generation/biogas, remediation and water treatment (conventional and innovative techniques for aeration, extraction, stripping and/or filtration of contaminated water and adjusting water treatment systems).


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Projects in which Oosterhof Holman Milieutechniek takes part