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Contact: Mark Boeren
Telephone: +31 6 42 30 41 64
e-mail address:
Visiting address: Ralph Bunchestraat 19, 5051 KW Goirle, The Netherlands
Technology: Process water treatment

Innovative dynamic company focused on engineering of sustainable (cooling)water treatment technology and product development. Often customized solutions based on the needs and technical requirements of customer and installation. The products, both for sale and for rent, are distinguished by operating chemical-free as well as delivering energy and water savings and ensure sustainable investment. A good example is the IVG-C CoolWater system that ensures sustainable chemical free coolingwater treatment for cooling-towers and evaporative condensers, using no chemicals and less water and energy. The products are deployed where cooling, process, waste, surface and boiler water systems apply.


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Projects in which Pathema takes part