Q.Water Advice and Management

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Website: http://www.qwateradviesenbeheer.nl
Contact: Jan Hoekzema
Telephone: +31 50 85 18 564
e-mail address: q.wateradviesenbeheer @home.nlwarning.png
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  • URIs of the form "q.wateradviesenbeheer @home.nl" are not allowed.
Visiting address: Vermeerweg 31, 9761 HV Eelde, The Netherlands
Technology: Consultancy & engineering

Climate control systems for new build, renovation or maintenance. From design to construction management and after sales. In addition, drinking water systems and legionella control. Pillars: quality, energy reduction and safety-friendly. Goals: reduce absenteeism and create a comfortable, hygienic environment.


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Projects in which Q.Water Advice and Management takes part