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WLN company.jpg
Website: http://www.wln.nl
Contact: Hilde Prummel
Telephone: +31 50 402 21 21
e-mail address: info@wln.nl
Visiting address: Rijksstraatweg 85, 9756 AD Glimmen, The Netherlands
Technology: Consultancy & engineering, Research, Various

Broad support in the area of water quality through a comprehensive approach of measuring, interpreting and advising. Clients include water supply companies, recreational companies, chemical industry, food industry, dairy industry, potato processing industry, healthcare facilities, swimming pools, public authorities, garden centres and other large consumers. Comprehensive package of services through a unique combination of water quality and water technology. The WLN laboratory is accredited by the Sampling Accreditation Council for sampling and a wide range of chemical and microbiological analysis.


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Projects in which WLN takes part