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WaterNed company.jpg
Website: http://www.waterned.com
Contact: Arjan Sneekes
Telephone: +31 854 890 971
e-mail address: info@waterned.com
Visiting address: Zijperweg 24 1742 NE Schagen, The Netherlands
Technology: Industrial waste water treatment, Process water treatment, Consultancy & Engineering, Mechanical separation technology, Sea water desalination, Reverse Osmoses

WaterNed a young and innovative company specialized in mobile and stand-alone water purification units. Techniques are based on in-house development and a USA, FDA approved 100% biological polymer, biomeuck. • Surface water solutions for blue-green algae and even oil removal. A high speed - low cost solution. • Process water treatment in factories, at vegetable processing plants, French-fries production plants. WaterNed removes all organic pollution loads. • Bio-digesters produce digested material, which WaterNed can treat to 3 major products. Dry matter containing all phosphate that can be exported. Ultra pure water and a mineral concentrate which is extremely suitable for fertilizer replacement. • Desalinization from seawater is the latest development; with the innovative techniques WaterNed is able to reach a recovery rate of up till 85%. Without the use of pre-treatment such as MMF, UF or sand filters. Besides this, WaterNed desalination solution needs no chemicals.


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Projects in which WaterNed takes part