Waterleidingmaatschappij Drenthe (WMD)

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Waterleidingmaatschappij Drenthe (WMD) company.jpg
Website: http://www.wmd.nl
Telephone: +31 592 85 45 00
e-mail address: info@wmd.nl
Visiting address: Lauwers 3, 9405 BL Assen, The Netherlands
Technology: Potable water treatment, Process water treatment

Water Supply Company Drenthe (WMD) is engaged in the sustainable and efficient provision of drinking water for the population in the province of Drenthe. WMD is aware of its responsibilities to society and therefore, as a recognised enterprise, strives for sustainable and environmentally responsible solutions. WMD is a public limited company in which municipalities and the provincial government hold all the shares.

WMD wishes to create a clear profile on the water market, both nationally and internationally, with different and innovative activities involving water. These activities have been accommodated in various limited liability companies. Services of our subsidiaries include the production and supply of various types of process water, the treatment of waste water, the reuse of water (effluent), as well as irrigation water to the agrobusiness and projects involved in water and energy.


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Projects in which Waterleidingmaatschappij Drenthe (WMD) takes part