Westra BV stainless Steel

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Westra BV stainless Steel company.jpg
Website: http://www.westra-rvs.nl
Contact: Renze Westra
Telephone: +31 514 60 41 46
e-mail address: info@westra-rvs.nl
Visiting address: Buorren 75, 8581 KD Elahuizen, The Netherlands
Technology: Consultancy & engineering, Various

Specialized in producing and supplying high quality products from stainless steel and aluminium for the food and beverage, chemical, dairy, petrochemical, shipbuilding and bulk materials handling industries. In the course of time more and more focused on the fabrication of membrane filter systems and as of June 2013, a new company was formed under the name Wafilin Systems. Capable of providing precision equipment for the filtration of liquids. Membrane filtration is developing rapidly, especially in the food and process industries for example for the waste (water) flows in diverse factories.


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Projects in which Westra BV stainless Steel takes part