WwTW Ulrum

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Location: WwTW Ulrum
WwTW Ulrum Location.jpg
Address: Tilweg 4 Ulrum, the Netherlands

WwTW Ulrum is operated by waterschap Noorderzijlvest in the northern part of the Netherlands. The plant is constructed in the year 2002 and consists of a classic carroussel type of biological treatment. The WwTW effluent is discharged into the Hunsinga Canal.

The plant capacity is 20,343 i.e., based on 136 grams of TZV per day The hydraulic capacity is 200 m3/h (dry weather flow) and 457 m3/h (rainy weather flow)




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projects at this location

CADoS - Cellulose recovery and reuse Project.jpg
CADoS - Cellulose recovery and reuse
by User:Lucas 3 November 2014 20:55:40
Cellulose assisted dewatering of sludge at municipal waste water treatment works
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