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Contact: Mr. Maurice Tax
Telephone: +31513419119
e-mail address:
Visiting address: Nipkowweg 15 - 8501 XH - JOURE
Technology: Water disinfection - Sensoring
Competences: NBD - Product development - Prototyping - Networking - Cooperation

Bright Spark focuses on water disinfection by electrolysis and water quality measurement. Bright Spark reconciles creativity, technical knowledge and corporate drive. Founded in 2002, Bright Spark first emerged due to its inventions in the fields of water treatment for third world countries. Easy to use, low on maintenance, safe and reliable where key in the developments of the water treatment units. After selling our treatment units to the UN, we started to develop water treatment systems for the maritime and offshore market. Replacing existing chlorine injection systems by our Termanox units. Mobile, smart and easy to use.

Bright Spark specializes in the development of durable, effective and cost saving water treatment systems for the international market and is proud on having developed a unique technique to disinfect water.

The system works due to anodic oxidation (electrolysis) and kills germs and viruses in drinking water. The water treatment systems by Bright Spark are successfully applied in many different markets such as cooling water systems to prevent unwanted growth and replacing chlorine injection systems in drinking water facilities in the UAE and Asia. Our company is also known for its creative developments in all possible (technical) fields. Next to water treatment systems Bright Spark also develops water quality sensors, like bacteria growth monitoring systems and TOX monitors.

Bright Spark is part of the knowledge network of North Holland and works closely together with Wetsus, a technical top institute for water. Therefore, Bright Spark is constantly involved in (fundamental and) innovative projects that can lead to creative solutions! Our solutions start with your challenges!

We are looking forward to help you, Maurice Tax Creative thinker


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