Industrial water management

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Project: Industrial water management
Industrial water management Project.jpg
Status : completed
Companies(s): Brightwork
Technology: MBF biofilm reactor
Locations: Venray, the Netherlands
Description: masterplanning, water management

Brightwork composed a strategic water management plan for Rixona. Rixona is part of the Cosun group and processes potatoes. The company’s corporate and environmental responsibilty should also be reflected in the way water and waste water is managed. One of the results of the water management plan has been the decision to build a tertiary treatment scheme at the Venray site. The plant is designed to remove the last traces of nitrogen and phosphorus from the biologically treated effluent, enabling the effluent to be discharged into the local stream. In this way the discharge adds up to the local ground water aquifer and contributes to preventing local draught.